Welcome to the Portsmouth Ambulance Website.
"Our mission is to be the choice provider for local hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities and residents of the area that we provide service in. This is often accomplished by establishing close working relationships with our customers to continually meet and exceed their needs in the area of ground medical transportation. Our staff of trained professionals will be held to the highest standards and be required to pay attention to detail in all aspects of their job functions. With our high standards and trained professionals, family members will always be assured their loved ones are in safe hands and receiving the best care and treatment possible during transport."

Mobile Intensive Care Transport

Transport provided by Critical Care Transport Paramedic's and a Registered Nurse. PEASI equip's it's MICU with, a ventilator, critical care transport monitor. Personel are capable of providing advanced paramedic skills. Our transport team will provide safe, reliable care from bedside-to-bedside.


Interfacility Transport

Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support transport provided by Paramedics and EMT'S.


911 Emergency Services

PEASI provides primary 911 Advanced Life Support services to West Portsmouth, Ohio - Crawford County, Ohio - Lewis County. Kentucky - Greenup County, Kentucky.


Convalescent Transport

Non-Emergency transport service, for dialysis, doctors appointments, medical services and more. We will provide your loved ones with a safe transport to their medical appointment.